Neil Nelson & Associates is a Roseville, Minnesota-based firm that specializes in law enforcement training in interview/interrogation, tactical search and seizure, and related topics. Over the past 15 years, we have trained thousands of law enforcement officers, attorneys, social workers, and private sector investigators across the country.

The firm’s principal is Neil P. Nelson (Commander, Retired), a veteran of the St. Paul (Minnesota) Police Department and founder of a groundbreaking interview technique developed in response to a State of Minnesota requirement that mandates recording of all custodial interviews. See State v. Scales, 518 N.W.2d 587 (Minn. 1994).

We currently offer two courses: Strategies for the Recorded Interview and Tactical Search and Seizure. Our “Strategies for the Recorded Interview” course presents concepts and techniques that are specifically geared toward electronically recorded interviews/interrogations and also introduces Commander Nelson’s proven RIP (Rapport/Investment/Partnership) Technique of interviewing. Our “Tactical Search and Seizure” course presents information on interdiction, arrest and search principles, the search/seizure continuum, and the elements of voluntary contact. Click here for more information on these courses.